The UK’s charities bureau is ‘the biggest, dumbest and most incompetent’ in the world

The UK charities bureau has a “big, dumb, stupid and incompetent” record, according to a new report.

The Charity Commission’s chief executive, Dr Rebecca Bannister, said it was “the worst possible thing” to do in her report into the agency.

It’s a failure of accountability which is the greatest threat to the charities profession, Dr Bannisters report said.

It includes:The report also highlighted the lack of a ‘social impact audit’ or audit committee to review and report on the performance of the charities watchdog.

The report concluded the charity watchdog “has an inherent risk of being underfunded and underperforming”, with “many charities are being funded and staffed at a level that is not competitive with the private sector”.

“The lack of an audit committee is deeply concerning, and the lack it exists is particularly concerning given the fact that the commission has a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the agencies performance.”

The report was launched following a parliamentary hearing into the charity regulator’s performance in 2016, when the watchdog was accused of not having an effective internal audit of its £1.6bn annual funding.

“The charity watchdog’s funding and performance have suffered, and it is essential that the Commission continues to review its work to ensure it is operating in the best interests of the sector and its customers,” the report said at the time.

“While the Commission has established a ‘taskforce’ to address the concerns of the public and independent stakeholders, it is currently failing to deliver on the task.”

The watchdog has since been renamed the Department for Charity, and has been tasked with reviewing and improving the organisation’s performance, but is still struggling to make the most of its funds.

“As we work to improve the organisation, it will be essential that we have a good audit of the Agency, and a dedicated oversight committee, which is a vital and vital component of any independent audit of a charitable organisation,” Dr Binns report said, adding that the agency was “committed to its own review process”.

Dr Banns report also called for the Charity Commission to create a ‘new accountability and oversight structure’ for the charity industry, and said the Commission’s performance and audit were “at their lowest ebb in recent years”.

The Charity Commissioner’s Office is currently under a Government-wide review to find new funding sources.

How The Church of England Has A Lot Of Fun With The ‘Bathroom Bill’

The Church Of England is planning to use the House of Commons to further its agenda on LGBT rights.

In a blog post published Monday, the body said it would be asking Parliament to pass a “compulsory” bill that would require churches to have gender-neutral bathrooms, as well as making the public washrooms gender neutral and requiring the government to make the schools “gender neutral” by the year 2020.

The House of Lords passed a similar bill last year.

Church Of England to use Parliament to further LGBT agenda “If this bill is passed, it will make our country a better place for everyone,” the statement from the church’s governing body read.

“The Church of Scotland has already achieved this and we welcome that.”

The Church said that it had no plans to challenge the government in the courts.

The Church is not alone in its plans to take action in the UK.

The Episcopal Church in the United States has also announced it will ask Parliament to move to require schools to be gender neutral by the 2020 deadline.

Episcopal Church spokesman Scott Cook said in a statement that “the Episcopal Church believes the rights of our children and grandchildren are fundamental.”

The statement continued: “As we consider the consequences of passing a compulsory bill in Parliament, we look forward to engaging with the Government on its legislative priorities.”

As of Tuesday morning, the bill has already passed through the House, but it will need to pass through the Senate and then on to become law.

It was amended after receiving royal assent.

The final version of the bill passed in the House will likely be debated by the Senate on Wednesday.

As we await the Senate’s reaction, we are working with other faith leaders and advocates to ensure that this bill advances in both the House and the Senate,” said Cook.

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Which charities have received a boost in the last year?

Eblen charity, Eblens Childrens Fund, has received a substantial boost in funding from the Department of Health and is set to receive up to $500,000.

The money was announced in the latest annual budget published by the Department on Tuesday.

The department said the funds will help the charity run its operations, build capacity and expand services to its clients.

In a statement, the Department said the $500k will help Eblened raise $50,000 per month for its “ongoing community work”.

It said the funding will also go towards the development of a “national network of service providers” that will assist the charity with its “complex outreach and engagement needs”.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, in a statement to the ABC, said the fund will provide “an ongoing and significant contribution” to Ebled, including for the organisation’s “ongoed community work, development of capacity, training and mentoring”.

“The funding is part of the Government’s commitment to provide the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way of providing vital support to disadvantaged children and young people, with an emphasis on children who are in care,” the department said.

It said the government was continuing to invest in the Ebles and Eblena family-based organisation “to ensure Ebleds vital services, which are vital for the wellbeing of children and their families, are accessible and affordable to them”.

Earlier this year, the department announced a further $500K over four years to support the organisation.

The funding will allow Ebleny to continue its “unusual” outreach to vulnerable children and families and “develops capacity and capacity for capacity building” as part of its work.

“Through its innovative and collaborative work, EBLens aims to provide vital services to children and vulnerable families,” the statement said.

“We recognise the need to engage children and to build capacity in communities and provide effective support to families.”

Eblen will also provide more than 20,000 free community service packages and help provide more education and training to more than 7,000 children, young people and families each year.

EBLEN says it has had a “phenomenal response” to its $500M investment, and is now aiming to double its support.

The charity was established in 1949 and is a non-profit organization.

It is based in the Australian Capital Territory, and its staff include some of the countrys most well-known charities, such as the Ethel Beacons Fund, which provides services for children with severe mental health and addiction issues.

Earlier, it received a $100K grant from the Government to assist in building a new, state-of-the-art facility to house the organisation and its more than 40 staff.

The state-owned facility will be the largest in the country, and will also house the largest family-centred group in Australia.

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