What the new world order looks like for a ‘global governance elite’

By now, you’ve probably heard about the billionaire hedge fund manager and activist George Soros.

You’ve probably also heard of the billionaires who fund him.

If not, well, then you’re in good company.

In his latest book, The Age of Globalization, Soros’ co-author and co-founder Peter Thiel, argues that the world has reached a tipping point.

This “post-fascism” and “post-“globalization” era will have profound implications for the future of democracy, human rights, and economic prosperity.

In an interview with Quartz, Thiel talked about how his book has inspired him and his colleagues to write about a different world, one where wealth is no longer the determining factor in governance, and that power has been democratized.”

And that was a very clear warning.””

The reason why I wrote the book was because I saw what was going on with the American political system and the rise of a kind of a corporate-state nexus that was very much on the rise, which was going to create a new kind of global governance elite that would not be able to challenge the power of the oligarchic elite.

And that was a very clear warning.”

He continued, “I was very concerned about the power that could come from the emergence of a global political system.

And I thought, well this is a good time to talk about the implications of a post-fasci-nation future.”

But, he added, “The more I read about how it’s happening, the more I was worried that it was coming too fast.

There were two main points that I made: firstly, there is this new wave of political activity that was taking place in the United States, and secondly, that this wave of activity was going further than anything I had anticipated.

So I started to look at the history of the post-war era in the West, and I thought: ‘What happened to the American state?

Why are we seeing a massive resurgence of political activism in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time?’

And it was in that context that I realized that what was happening in the post World War II period was going way beyond what I had imagined.”

The book has been described as a “post–war history of capitalism” and is the first in a series of works on the “postfascist wave” that Thiel is writing about.

He describes his thesis as follows: “This post-fascist wave is taking shape in a variety of ways, and it has not been predictable.

The first wave of this new political elite is taking place as the global financial crisis deepens, and there are all kinds of actors trying to figure out how to deal with this new reality.

This second wave of the political elite that emerged in the wake of the financial crisis has been less predictable and it is not a post–war era of political elites.””

The world is changing rapidly, but we have to deal effectively with this transition,” Thiel continued.

“And so the book is about a postfascists agenda, but it’s also about the politics of this movement, which is also a postmodern movement.”

What does this mean for the global governance elites that have been at the heart of the American electoral system?

The first thing to know is that there’s a lot that’s changed in the last 40 years.

In the United Kingdom, the UK has become a much more powerful country, and the UK is not immune to the impact of globalization.

But the key thing is that it’s not the kind of country that’s immune from this kind of change.

In the United states, in fact, the United State is the most democratic country in the world.

It is a global leader in free speech and it does not accept any form of corporate-government control over governance.

The U.S. government is the only superpower in the World, and so it has the greatest say in how governance works.

It has the biggest role in international trade and finance, and is one of the few major democracies in the global economy.

And, of course, the U.K. is the world’s richest country.

The second thing that we’ve seen is that we have seen an explosion in political activity.

We’ve seen a massive surge in activism and political activity, and this is very interesting.

What we’re seeing is a backlash to the way that democracy is done in the modern world.

We see this in the election campaigns, where the two main parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are at loggerheads, and they are at the height of their popularity.

But we also see this phenomenon in the corporate sector.

We have seen a surge in the financial sector, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the financial elite to function as an institution of governance in this global economy and in the international political system, which we are witnessing today.

We also see a shift in the nature

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