Nys charities and charity quotes: New charity quotes for 2014

The New York Times is a national newspaper of the United States.

Its main mission is to inform the public about important issues in politics, business, science and technology.

The Times publishes stories about the people and issues that shape our nation.

For the past two years, The Times has published a variety of charities and charities quotes.

These are the latest from our new collection.

The first two years of the new collection will appear on Friday, February 1.

These charities quotes are selected by the Times editors and include a wide range of charities from the U.S. government to major charities that are not included in the main collection.

For more information about the collection, visit the Times Charities page. 

Nys charities: A new collection of charity quotes In the latest collection of charities quotes, the New York Post reported on the work of a new charity called The Salvation Army, which has taken over a shelter in New York City to house homeless and low-income people.

The organization recently donated $1 million to help the shelter’s residents transition to a permanent home, which it hopes will help to end homelessness in the city. 

The Salvation Army quotes are from a list of the charities featured in the new edition.

This is the first year that a list has been included in print.

For an example of a charity quote from the list, see this video.

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