How to bid on a charity auction today – RTE

A charity auction is now the new craze in the Republic of Ireland, with the country’s largest auctioneers launching a new offering.

The auctioneers, with their distinctive red and black colours, are set to launch a bid on behalf of the Northern Ireland Department of Health and the Northern Irish Department of Social Services, with a goal of raising €1.2 million.

The bid will be on behalf the Northern Health Authority, with bid items being sourced from local charities.

In the bid for the Northern Healthcare Network, bid items include an annual certificate of support for the organisation, a new hospital in the town of Clontarf, a donation of new ambulances, new equipment and equipment for the community and a new primary care centre in the area.

Other items include a gift card for a local mobile phone company, and a Christmas card for two people, with donations going to the Northern Women’s Foundation.

There is also a bid item for a gift for a loved one, with an extra contribution to the Children’s Hospitals Trust.

Auctioneers’ Association chief executive Patrick Ryan said he was delighted to see the bid from the Northern NHS, and hoped the auction would help raise awareness for the charity.

“We know that the people who have supported the Northern health system for many years will appreciate the opportunity to help raise money for the NIH and the children in Northern Ireland,” he said.

The Northern Health Network has been a lifeline for many people in the community, Ryan added.

“It’s great to see a charity go out there and bid on an item of charity to support the people of Northern Ireland.”

The Northern Healthcare Group, the auctioneers’ association, said they had received more than €1 million in donations since the auction began in October 2015, with more than 50,000 people donating €200 each.

“In the last 12 months, we have seen a massive increase in donations to Northern Healthcare.

We’ve received over €600,000 in donations,” said Andrew Haughton, general manager of the group.”

For the Northern Welfare Trust, donations to the organisation have been particularly significant, with almost €700,000 donated in the past year.””

The donations will continue to grow and will support the health and wellbeing of those in Northern Health.”

For the Northern Welfare Trust, donations to the organisation have been particularly significant, with almost €700,000 donated in the past year.

“This is a massive boost to our community, and we’re very grateful for that support,” said Chief Executive Dr Louise Brown.

The charity has received almost €600 million in funding from the UK, and has been credited with saving over 7,000 lives since it was established in the 1980s.

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