Which charities are most at risk?

The following charities have experienced significant financial losses during the current recession.

They have lost more than $1 billion.

Some are struggling financially, but most are financially stable.

CATHOLIC CHURCHES Housing (Bennett): The church’s annual operating loss jumped by $1.6 billion to $1,971 million.

The loss included a $600 million loss in 2013.

Bennett has been the victim of multiple scandals over the past decade.

In March of 2016, Bennett was charged with sexually assaulting a female employee, and his wife was accused of sexually abusing their son.

In September, the church was accused by former employees of hiding evidence of sexual abuse against its clergy.

Bennett resigned from the church in 2016.

The church is now seeking to raise $1 million to rebuild its crumbling facilities.

The Bishop’s Conference of Southern Baptists: The church suffered a $2.1 billion loss, or a 23 percent decline, in 2014.

The denomination is facing a major crisis over the growing number of children in poverty in the U.S. The Bishops Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention (BDS) has come under fire for a series of alleged child abuse scandals, including the alleged abuse of two former employees in a Houston apartment.

In 2016, the denomination was rocked by allegations that it covered up an investigation of sexual misconduct at the ministry.

The Conference of Bishops is now in a legal battle with the U

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