When charities flood, it’s not just a question of funding but survival

Water is the lifeblood of every society.

If we want to survive in a world without water, then we must have a water source.

But, as the world’s largest charity, the Water Foundation, shows, it can be difficult to find one.

In an article for The Verge, the nonprofit describes its struggle to find a water system for the billions of people around the world who depend on it.

“We know that if we don’t have water, we’re at risk of starvation, disease, or death,” says John T. Wurzer, the executive director of the Water Institute.

The Water Foundation has struggled to find funding for its work.

In 2016, the organization received $1.4 million in grants, but the majority of that money went to infrastructure upgrades in the United States, which has the second-highest water usage in the world.

It also relies on donations from foundations, governments, and corporations to keep its operations running.

But funding dried up, and the organization’s staff was forced to lay off its entire staff.

The nonprofit has now been struggling to find new funding.

“When we are unable to find any other source of funding, we are forced to cut our staff drastically,” says Wurzler.

“It is really difficult.”

In its last fiscal year, Water Foundation was struggling to fund its entire operations.

With funding drying up, it found itself facing a choice.

It could either cut staff or close.

But Wurzes research indicates that shutting down operations would be a death sentence for Water Foundation.

“There’s no way you can shut down Water Foundation without shutting down a lot of people’s lives,” he says.

“And when we close down our operations, we lose a lot.

We lose our volunteers, our staff.

It’s very hard for us to survive.”

A lot of the money that has been made in the past few years is going towards water infrastructure upgrades.

But the nonprofit is currently facing a funding crunch.

The average cost of an upgrade at a Water Foundation facility was $5,500 per mile, according to Wurzers.

“The question is: Will the community pay the price for this?” asks Wurze.

“But it’s hard to say if that’s going to be the case. “

For now, the answer is no,” he adds.

“But it’s hard to say if that’s going to be the case.

And I don’t think that it is going to change anytime soon.”

Wurzel says that he has been considering a plan to make the organization more sustainable in the future.

But he isn’t the only Water Foundation staff member to have had to make such a decision.

“Our organization is in a difficult position,” says a Water foundation staffer.

“They have to make decisions on the basis of how much money they’re going to make in the next year, and that means cutting staff, taking on more debt, and having to make difficult choices about how much we invest in the infrastructure and what kind of investments we’re going make.”

But it is unclear if the WaterFoundation will find a new source of revenue to support its operations.

The organization’s most recent annual report showed that its fundraising was down 7.2% in the last fiscal years.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

WURZERS FAMILY, FAMILY CRISIS, AND HISTORY OF THE WATERFIELDS In 2013, the water agency announced a new strategy to diversify its revenue streams.

The first step was to increase the size of the foundation’s operations and cut staff, according the organization.

The new strategy also called for cutting back on infrastructure upgrades to the water system.

Wurszer says that the organization now has a staff of roughly 1,000 people and has raised about $5 million in a crowdfunding campaign that has raised nearly $100,000 in less than a year.

“Now, it has a much smaller staff than it was before,” he said.

But according to Water Foundation’s budget for the current fiscal year the organization is facing a $15 million deficit.

“Water Foundation is struggling to provide the infrastructure we need to meet our obligations to the communities we serve,” said Wurzi.

“That means we are running out of funds, and this is affecting our ability to meet the demands of our customers and to deliver our services.”

The Water foundation’s financial troubles are a result of a combination of several factors.

For one, the number of people it employs has decreased, which led to fewer jobs available to staff.

This is a problem for the organization because it relies on the money it raises to fund services, such as the water treatment plant, and has to rely on private investors to pay for it.

But this is also a problem because the Water company’s infrastructure has become more and more dependent on infrastructure investment.

Wurtzer says this is the main reason why Water Foundation is facing “a funding shortfall.”

The organization

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