What do you think of the U.S. bishops’ plan to help refugees?

CHICAGO — The Catholic charity organization founded by former Pope John Paul II has said it will donate to refugee camps in Syria, but its biggest donors are American Catholic leaders.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has more than 100,000 members, said on Thursday that the refugee resettlement plan approved by the U,S.

Conference of Bishops in January would “strengthen our ability to help the refugees.”

The decision to back the UCCB initiative was welcomed by Catholic leaders and was praised by U.N. refugee agency UNHCR.

“It’s important to note that this is not about refugees at all, it’s about strengthening our capacity to help those most in need,” UNHCR spokesman Daniel Baumann said in a statement.

“As we’ve seen with the United Nations, it can help refugees reach their goals of dignity and self-sufficiency.

We look forward to working with our partners in the UCCCB to ensure that refugees and their families are fully supported, supported and integrated into our society.”UCCB President John F. Sweeney said in an email that he had been “deeply disappointed” by the decision and that he was “extremely disappointed” to see it taken away from the ULCB.

“The ULCBs position is based on the well-established fact that there are no safe spaces for refugees,” Sweeney wrote.

“Therefore, we are not interested in resettling refugees in unsafe and unsafe places.”ULCB President Patrick Kearney, who was appointed by the pope in January, called the decision “disappointing” and said he was still evaluating it.

“We are taking this seriously and are working with all our partners to determine our next steps,” he said.

Kearney said that UCCBs support for refugees is based primarily on the needs of vulnerable populations and said that there was no religious justification for its support.

“If the pope wanted to, he could create a new, safe place for refugees, but that would be against our own Church doctrine and the faith that we have,” Kearney said.

“What is happening here is an abdication of responsibility.

The UCCs position is a direct repudiation of the pope’s vision of a world in which refugees are welcomed.”

The U.K. Church’s largest diocese, Westminster, said in December that it would provide a $2 million grant for resettlement to about 100 Syrian refugees.

“The UCC will continue to support refugees and those who are fleeing violence and persecution and we hope that others will follow suit,” UCC director of global resettlement Catherine Stoddart said in the statement.UCCs support for resettlement has been widely applauded by Catholics, especially in the United States, where the UPCB has become an influential force behind the Obama administration’s response to the crisis in Syria.

The Vatican has repeatedly said that it will not give money to the UUCB, which also has a mission in Africa and the Middle East.

The U.CCB has made the UHCB, the umbrella organization for all UCC groups, a model for refugee resettlement.

The decision comes after the UUCC board of directors, led by John Fetter, announced on Wednesday that it had been split into three autonomous groups to support the UCAB initiative.

The three groups will work together on the refugee response plan and “will develop the refugee program for resettlement.”

The UUCAB is the UMCB, a separate organization with similar mission, and the UBCB is a separate group with a mission to help displaced persons.

The four groups will jointly create the UCHB program for refugees.

The announcement comes amid mounting pressure from American Catholic bishops to stop funding the UUNC and its UHCBs, which are backed by the United Methodist Church.

The two denominations have criticized each other in the past, and both have criticized the UUSC.

The two UUCBs have been criticized by the bishops for their handling of refugees.

The bishops say the UUMC should have given money to UHCs instead.

UUC leaders have been accused of giving the UUDB money to refugees and also not sending the money directly to refugees.UUC President Joseph M. Fauci has said that the UUPB’s refugee program is “more focused on building the lives of the people who need it, rather than people who come here from a crisis.”

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