New Story Charity: The Life of Charity: An Unconventional View of a Church

Charity JAMES is a documentary film exploring the lives of those who have worked for the church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The film chronicles the life of James, the first ordained minister of the Christian church in Tulsa.

In this intimate look at the life and work of a man who lived his faith for the rest of his life, James confronts the harsh reality of the church, and the challenges it faced in the face of the great evil of AIDS.

Through interviews with individuals and leaders of the Oklahoma City Christian Church, the film captures the unique story of the life James and his fellow ministers built together.

James’ story of faith and family and his faith in the power of the gospel are central themes of the film.

In his own words, James told the story of a humble and courageous man.

This story will resonate with millions of people and will help to shape our future as a church.

James lives with his wife and two children in Tulsa and has been a minister of Christian charity for the past 16 years.

James and the other four ministers in the film are members of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International House of Prayer in Tulsa since 2007.

They are also the founder and director of The James Family Foundation.

In 2014, The James Foundation was awarded a $1.5 million grant from the American Red Cross to fund projects that will help those who are at risk of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.

James has also served as the co-director of several other non-profit projects, including the Oklahoma Christian Association, a faith-based organization based in Tulsa dedicated to helping Oklahomans and others in need.

He is a board member of the Center for Church and Community Life in Oklahoma City.

This film was directed by Peter A. Wicks, who previously worked with James and other Oklahoma City ministers to create the documentary James and Friends.

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