How to help with Alzheimer’s charity

How to support the Alzheimer’s Association charity and the Alzheimer Memorial Fund (AMF).

AMF provides support to people with dementia and other complex and debilitating illnesses and helps pay for research and development, and its own caregiving.

But it is a charity whose financial stability has been questioned in recent years.

It also raised a lot of eyebrows when it raised $150 million in 2015 and 2016 to help cover expenses, but now its board has been given new financial oversight, the New York Times reports.

The Times says the board approved $130 million in additional funding in April, including $60 million to cover costs, and $70 million to offset some of the cost of the new financial model.

AMF’s board of directors has been considering ways to reduce the burden of costs and to better leverage its resources, according to the Times.

It said AMF needs to “evaluate its financial situation and whether there is a way to reduce its operating expenses.”

It has also said that AMF can’t spend the money on administrative costs.

The organization’s board also must approve a $25 million payment from the U.S. Treasury to help fund research and caregiving for the Alzheimer Association.

The AMF board also will be asked to review its investment in the Alzheimer and Dementia Foundation (ADF) to make sure the two charities are not misusing their resources, the Times reports, adding that the AMF will also have to review whether to increase its investment to $50 million or $100 million over time.

AMT has been working with the Alzheimer Foundation to develop a new financial plan for the organization, according the Times, which said AMT’s board is considering making changes to the AMFI’s funding model.

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