Charity Crawford: ‘We have to do more to raise awareness’

Crawford, United Kingdom, Nov. 24, 2018.

(Photo: Matthew Powell/Associated Press)Charity Crawford’s Facebook page has received more than 3,000 comments since it was launched on Nov. 18, highlighting a lack of awareness about autism spectrum disorders, a lack in resources for the condition and a lack a dedicated autism-focused website.

Charity, a nonprofit focused on autism, says it wants to do better in the future.

Chamber of Commerce of Chesterfield County, U.K. and Charity Crawfords Facebook page have received nearly 3,600 comments since the page was launched.

The page has become a magnet for people who want to learn more about autism and the condition, according to the page’s creator, Andrew Cram.

Cram, an assistant professor of sociology at Chesterfield University, says he thinks the page is a good idea, but he thinks there are more people who would be interested in the charity.

“We have a lot of issues that are going to be on the radar when we come to the next election, so if people don’t have that information, they’re not going to know who to vote for,” Cram said.

The charity has been inundated with comments on the page since its launch, and Cram says the charity has received positive feedback from many people.

Crowley, United States, Nov 12, 2018.(Photo: Katelyn Karp, Getty Images)”I think it’s important to point out that the information is good, but there’s a lot more we could be doing.

We could be educating people on what autism is, why it’s so scary, how we can help, and how to help.

We should be making a point to talk to our members and educate them,” he said.”

It’s important for us to have people in the community that know about autism.”

Cram has been working to build awareness of autism and autism spectrum disorder through the charity’s fundraising efforts.

The nonprofit’s website says it is “dedicated to raising awareness of the condition by focusing on the people with autism spectrum conditions.”

Its main goal is to raise money for research and educational efforts on the condition.

Its Facebook page is home to more than 200 posts from people sharing information about autism.

In a statement, the charity said it is constantly working to increase awareness and support for autistic people.

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