‘It’s a waste of time’: Charity crawfords donations plummet as it cuts support for homeless

A new survey has revealed that many of the charity donors to the Chorus Foundation in Houston are choosing to give their money to charities that they don’t actually want to give to.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the Chronicle surveyed 1,000 people in the city, and found that of the people who said they donated to the charity, nearly 80% of them said that they didn’t want to donate to the organization that was the catalyst for their personal disaster.

Almost 70% of the donors said that the Chorsons efforts were “too expensive” and the charity has “no financial responsibility.”

The charity has been under fire from Houstonians over its “poor management of the homeless population” in the last year, and many of its employees have faced accusations of racism and homophobia.

But a new survey released by the Houston Chronicle shows that the charity’s donation numbers are actually up, with over half of its donors saying that they’re donating to the Houston Foundation, the nonprofit that runs the Chores, because of the Chore.

This is a good sign for the Choruses mission, as the charity was recently forced to suspend its operations after a man in Houston’s westside committed suicide.

In response, the organization has been working to increase its focus on the homeless in the Houston area.

This news comes just one week after the Choricas charitable mission was put under severe scrutiny for its response to the Hurricane Harvey.

As the city’s homeless population has been suffering the brunt of the storm, the Houston Chorus has been accused of not prioritizing the homeless, or failing to do enough to protect them from the flooding.

A report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights accused the Choros of “trying to get rid of homeless people in their midst without any oversight” and for failing to offer any help.

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